Why A Comparison Of Alibaba Cloud vs. AWS Is Impossible At Present

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Why A Comparison Of Alibaba Cloud vs. AWS Is Impossible At Present

Comparisons of Alibaba Cloud vs. AWS 2018

Until the efforts of their strategic innovations are published by the two Eastern and Western Hemisphere giants, comparisons between Alibaba Cloud and AWS are unrealistic. AWS not only leads the way in the number of services it provides, it also releases new updates every day. In addition, many of the Alibaba Cloud services in Europe, the U.S., or the Middle East are not yet operational.

Regarding price differences, regional price variations make it impossible to compile a cost comparison between Alibaba Cloud and AWS. In some Alibaba Cloud areas, the same Elastic Compute Service can cost twice as much as in others, while the cost of SSD storage on Alibaba Cloud can range from $15.30 per 100 GB to $24.50 per 100 GB depending on which part of the world data is stored in.

Alibaba Cloud vs AWS comparison by Gartner in 2018 is focused on customer reviews and is probably the best research out there. While it is not a sound basis for preferring one cloud service provider over another, it offers some “peer insights” into what each cloud service provider’s customers think:

Alibaba Cloud vs. AWS Comparison based on Gartner Peer Insights
Score Awarded Out of 5 for: Alibaba Cloud Amazon Web Services
Product Capabilities 4.5 4.6
Compute 4.3 4.7
User Management 3.8 4.3
Network 4.1 4.5
Security & Compliance 4.1 4.5
Scaling 4.3 4.6
Developer Services 4.1 4.3
DevOps Enablement 4.1 4.3
Management Tools 4.2 4.3
Enterprise Integration 4.1 4.3
Pricing Flexibility 4.5 4.0
Ease of Deployment 4.3 4.3
Quality of Technical Support 4.3 4.4


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