Quick Deploy WordPress on Alibaba Cloud Servers in 5 minutes

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This step-by-step guide will help you subscribe to one virtual cloud server or one Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance from Alibaba Cloud to run a pre-configured WordPress image in minutes.

Quick Deploy WordPress on Alibaba Cloud Servers in 5 minutes

1. Select a WordPress Image in Alibaba Cloud
First, you can enter your User Name and Password to log into Alibaba Cloud Portal. When you enter ECS Purchase Wizard, you can use the customized interface to select the billing and ECS configuration from cloud regions to instance type families. In this example, we selected an ecs.t5-lc1m1.small instance from instance type families as the WordPress instance.


a. Click on Marketplace Image on the left-hand side, search for WordPress, look for WordPress-4.9.8 powered by Miri Infotech, then click Select.

b.You may also click the button Buy Now directly on this page, which will redirect to the ECS purchase wizard webpage. After, you don’t need to select WordPress from Marketplace Image again.

2.Configure a WordPress Instance on the Alibaba Cloud Console
On the console, you can configure networking, including VPC, Bandwidth, and Security Group. After selecting your Key Pair, connect to your ECS instances via a Terminal using Secure Shell (SSH). Confirm your configurations and then proceed to checkout.


Open the Alibaba Cloud Management Console and find Elastic Compute Service using the left sidebar. Now you can click the Running in Singapore and spot the running instance that you just selected.

3.Launch a WordPress Website Using IP Address


To obtain an instance Public IP Address as shown in the screenshot.
Copy the public IP into a new tab in your browser as follows:
Public IP/wordpress
Start with the configuration as shown on the left side.
Enter the details of your choice. Now you have Username and Password to log in your WordPress.

4. Start to Enjoy Your Application

Congratulations! You have your WordPress site running on Alibaba Cloud ECS. You can manage, customize, and configure it, as you like.

Next, if you want to connect to your instance in the terminal, for example in MacOS, you can open the terminal and input the command as follows: ssh [email protected] address.
Then you can input Login Password that you set up on ECS Purchase Wizard Webpage previously.

Now you can connect to your ECS instance using terminal successfully.


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